Premio Valcellina
Valcellina Award

Concorso Internazionale
di Arte Tessile contemporanea
International contemporary
textile fiber art competition


Saturday, April 8, 2017 18:00
Palazzo d’Attimis Maniago
Valcellina Award


APRIL 8th > MAY 28th 2017                     


6 pm  
Award Ceremony and exhibition opening
Presented  by Annamaria Poggioli, President of Le Arti Tessili Association
And by Andrea Bruciati, Curator of Valcellina Award 10th edition
will be involved:
Andrea Carli, Mayor of Maniago
Sergio Bolzonello, Vice President of the Regional Council
Prof. Di Piervincenzo Terlizzi, I.I.S. Torricelli Maniago School Director

6.30 pm        
Performances by Partner Schools

 Koefia Academy of Haute Couture and Art of the Costume, Rome  
The daydreamer and nighthinker by Anastasia Maria Del Vecchio

Academy of Fine Arts, Bologna
Elo, la memoria dentro by Rose Rodrigues and Anton Roca

SRISA Santa Reparata International School of Art, Florence 
Come back to me byJanetta Hill and Genevieve Cromwell

7.30 pm        
Inaugural Toast by the Antica Taverna of Maniago
Dj set and light show by Hybrida

From April 9th to May 28th 2017
Fridays 4pm/7.30pm Saturdays and Sundays 10.30am/12.30pm 4.30pm/7.30pm 
Closed: April 21st, 22nd and 23rd 

GUIDED TOURS by the art historian Eva Comuzzi
From April 9th to May 28th 2017
Fridays 4pm/7.30pm Saturdays and Sundays 10.30am/12.30pm 4.30pm/7.30pm 
Sunday 16th, Monday 17th 4.30pm / 7.30pm
Closed: April 21st, 22nd and 23rd 

What is Valcellina Award?

The Valcellina Award, now at its tenth edition, is the International Contemporary Textile/Fiber Art Competition open to young fiber-artists under 35 years of age.
This Award was created to enhance the interest in contemporary textile art, encouraging  new talents, stimulating art research and experimentation.
In the past nine editions, the competition was attended by artists from all over the world, with different background and education, making the Valcellina Award a place for further learning, experiences and exchange.

The Valcellina Award is the most important event created by Le Arti Tessili Association for social and culture activities founded in 1987.


20 years of the Valcellina Award Competition,
30 years of activities of Le Arti Tessili association

Le Arti Tessili association celebrates the milestone of thirty years of activity and the anniversary of the tenth edition of a twenty-year route, in the name of contemporary textile art, represented by the Valcellina Award.

Theme of the 10th edition

CONNECTION communication, flexibility, exchange.
Today, where everything is connected by global network, in order to make communication more human and encourage genuine emotional relationships we can recur to flexibility, a characteristic of the structure of fabric/textiles, essential for real exchange.

Image of the 10th edition

To represent the theme of the 10th Edition, as usual we have focused on a work of the previous edition.
For the connection theme we have chosen the work of the Polish artist Ewa Knapinska called “On the borderline of drawing. The merging” because the intertwining of the threads which seem to form a world map evoke a sense of communication, flexibility and exchange.

On 1st February 2017 the first jury composed by:
- Andrea Bruciati, art historian, active in the debate for contemporary art research and education, curator of many exhibitions and related events. Curator of Valcellina Award 10th edition
- Lydia Predominato, artist and fiber artist, teacher, member of various international juries, curator of exhibitions and events.
- Annamaria Poggioli, President of Le Arti Tessili Association and Valcellina Award Project Manager  

based on the documentation submitted by the 40 candidates by 30th November 2016, it selected 20 works realized by:

Gloria Nati ITALIA - ITALY

Yen-yu Tseng TAIWAN (R.O.C.)

Sarah Bertrand-Hamel CANADA



Anna Capolupo ITALIA - ITALY

Izumi Shimmura GIAPPONE - JAPAN

Cristina Mariani ITALIA - ITALY

Valentina Dentello ITALIA - ITALY

Nana Hamada GIAPPONE

Magdalena Grenda POLONIA - POLAND


Magdalena Kleszyńska POLONIA - POLAND

Deborah Zorzan ITALIA - ITALY

Zhenya Machneva RUSSIA

Chiung-Yi Chung TAIWAN (R.O.C.)

Sofia Bonini ITALIA - ITALY

Elisa Margarita ITALIA - ITALY

Dorota Ścisła POLONIA - POLAND

Ya Sheng Yu TAIWAN (R.O.C.)

On 17th March 2017 the second jury composed by:
- Andrea Bruciati, art historian and curator of the Valcellina Award 10th edition
- Sabrina Comin, in charge of TRA Trevso Ricerca Arte
- Maria Morganti, artist
- Renata Pompas, journalist and essayist
- Lydia Predominato, fiber artist, fiber art event maker and curator

After inspecting the selected works, considering their intrinsic value, linguistic coherence, and consistency with the proposed theme Connection Communication, Flexibility, Exchange, the jury  has decided to award:

1st Prize - free attendance of a course (free tutorial expenses) at Santa Reparata International School of Art of Florence, with a  scholarship of  1.500 euro - to the work Fais comme si (Act as if) by the Canadian artist Sarah Bertrand-Hamel, for the stylistic coherence that represents the incommunicability in relations between people, absorbed by virtual contacts. The originality and executive skills in using colored sheets of paper sewn together to simulate the glass work technique, symbol of the backlit monitors that pervade our life.

2nd Prize - free attendance of a course (free tutorial expenses) at Fine Arts Academy of Bologna, with a  scholarship of 1.000 euro - to the work Where are you? by the Taiwanese artist Chiung-Yi Chung, for the poetic sensitivity, representing ritual connection with the deceased grandmother, to whom she dedicates lotus flowers and incense, enclosing them in transparent modules that look like wanting to reach the sky.

3rd Prize - free attendance of a course (free tutorial expenses) at Koefia Academy of Haute Couture and Art of Costume, with a  scholarship of  500 euro - to the work Come In and Go Out by the Taiwanese artist Yen-yu Tseng, that connects the experience of her own body with the dress that connects to environment, redrawing clothes into a sculptural installation.
4th Prize - free attendance of a course (free tutorial expenses) at  Fondation of Silk Art Lisio in Florence - to the work Tre generazioni sono passate per la soffitta / Three generations passed through the attic, by the Italian artist Sofia Bonini, for the originality of composing the three-dimensional pieces of an imaginary clothing, symbol of storage of so many different family stories, connected to one single shared memory.

The Calimala Prize - DHG Gift Card of € 250,00 for the purchase of textile materials - to the work Sistema neurale / Neural Systemby the Italian artist Elisa Margarita, who has represented with a simple plastic mesh the neuronal connections and with tufts of electric blue yarn the neurons, primary image of every connection.

The Jury has also decided to award special mentions to the following works:

l bello è ciò che non ricordiamo / <>The beauty of what we do not remember , by the Italian artist Anna Capolupo
Tsurusurufuwari by the Japanese artist Izumi Shimmura
Knot to knot by the Polish artist Magdalena Grenda,
Journey  by the Polish artist Magdalena Kleszyńska
Metodo di contatto / Contact method by the Russian artist Zhenya Machneva

Timeline of the project

First selection of the works. February 1, 2017

Arrival of selected works. By March 10, 2017

Assignment of prizes. By March 20, 2017

Exhibition opening. April 8, 2017

Exhibition closure. May 28, 2017

Publication of the catalog. By December 2017

Last nine past editions in numbers

Participating artists
Nations of origin
Selected works
Awarded works
Special mentioned works
Side exhibitions on invitation

event promoted and curated by:

Le Arti Tessili

"Le Arti Tessili" Association
Association for social promotion and cultural activities
Via Carso, 4 – 33085 Maniago PN Italia

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Regione Friuli Venezia Giulia
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with the support of:

Antica Taverna, Maniago PN
) Conti d'Attimis Maniago

with the cooperation of:

Associazione Teatro Maniago
Centro Sociale Maniagolibero
Associazione L'artistica, Maniago
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Cjase Cocel, Fagagna UD
Associazione DARS, Udine

Project for the Schools:

I.S.I.S. Lino Zanussi di Pordenone
I.I.S. Evangelista Torricelli Maniago PN
Responsabile progetto: Annamaria Poggioli
Direttore artistico: Gina Morandini
Curatore: Andrea Bruciati
Coordinamento generale e segreteria: Barbara Girardi
Coordinamento locale: Ilaria Bomben, Anna Teresa Bruni, Gaetana Grande
Coordinamento tecnico e Progetto espositivo: Lucia Vedovi
Didattica: Eva Comuzzi
Web e Social Network: Angela Biancat, Luca Bearzatto
Ufficio Stampa: Cristina Savi
Videomaker: Tommaso Fabi
Traduzioni: Giovanna Pontelli
Progetto grafico: Gianfranco Casula

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